President Sandy Jones and Stonemason Tom Sattazahn pose in front of the Fort prior to the beginning stonework on the west wall.

We believe this finished wall looks as it would have looked 268 years ago when the building was new.

Scaffolding shows the work done by Sattazahn masonry on the East wall.

Harvest Fest 2015

We have Stone!! We are currently working on a plan to use the stone to build up the North Wall. We need to raise the funds necessary to have the stone mason utilize this stone.

Renovations Begin
July 2010

Sandy Jones, President of Light's Fort admires the new masonry.

Note the floor is dry! We finally got the water issue fixed.


Plexiglas windows have been installed to help keep out the elements and birds.

Harvest Fest 2015.   Guests enjoy seeing the Fort. Another Great Radio Broadcast from the Fort.

The East Wall of the Fort receives much needed attention thanks to a grant from Lebanon City received a few years ago.

Do We Have Ghosts at Light's Fort?
August 2010

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The Friends of
Light's Fort 
The Oldest Structure in Lebanon City
Circa 1742
Property of the Historic Preservation Trust of Lebanon County

Vice President Jim McAteer checks out a finished wall.

One of the workmen who was removing stone to rebuild the walls of this 268 year old building said that he experienced chills that resulted in the hairs on his arms standing up due to the cold air sensation around a window. Yet the temperature was in the 90s with no breeze. "Really," he said, "it was an odd experience that seems stronger and more distinctive than a temporary chill. " 

Who knows what has gone on here in the 268 years of history that this building has been standing? It has gone through many different uses over the years from a fortified wall around the building, to a landing site when the Union Canal ran to the north side of the building for canal boats then known as Light's Landing to a distillery and later on an apartment house.